Need Energy Scenario

INDIA, a country with 1 billion + citizens 6 Lacs + Villages 700 Million + citizen staying in Villages

260 Million citizen are BELOW POVERTY LINE ( BPL); 36 Million Unemployed

More than 80,000 Villages do not have access to reliable Energy Supply

Gap between demand of customers connected to Grid and available electric supply is 84TWh

40 % of the Indian Citizens do not have access to reliable Energy Supply

15 % of the villages are yet to be electrified

Need Rural India & Energy Scenario

80 % – BIO FUELS, 15 % – KEROSENE, 05 % – LPG

Forest contributes 39 % of FUEL WOOD

15 Million Households use Kerosene for Cooking and Lighting

85 Million Households spend 30 Million-hr for collection of Fuel

In Most of the Remote and non-electrified sites,
extension of utility grid lines experiences a number of problems such as :

High Capital Investment High Capital Investment

Poor Voltage Regulation Frequent Power Supply Interruptions etc.