Energy for Future……

The entire world is now totally dependent upon electricity. So as we ,now a day without electricity we will not be able to move ahead.

Just imagine if no electricity then how our electronic gadgets will run ,how factory will run,how the entire world looks like without lighting. This type of thought process made me to think up about the renewable energy which we can generate electricity and give a better life to our future mankind. Then I thought to have a solar panel through which we can provide our people the power to generate electricity free of cost and also electricity generated through solar panel can be made available at cheaper rates to our customer. If everybody will contribute small contribution availing solar energy their own then we will be able to save our natural resources for longer.

Sunrays can be utilized in a broader way through grid connected distribution in the day time.My widh if countries having good sunlight in the day time and having space to put solar projects ,their government should give them the subsidy and support so that some more people will take interest to have solar power projects in a bigger way and get benefited out of this also their work will contributes towards a social responsibility.

Everybody in this world should take care of some social responsibility to have a better future with smile.I have chosen my path and would like to thanks all who supported me choosing this way and would like to serve this world whatever I can do from my end.

I am looking towards some more people to join their hands with me making the renewable energy sector stronger.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

Raju Shivaji Bhosale